Migrating to github.io

04 Dec 2013

The website is slowly shaping into the one I've always wanted to build: static(but also interactive), simple, and most importantly, easy to maintain. Because I have had enough with my previous website. Written from scratch surely gives me total control over the pages, but that wasn't exactly what I needed. Updating the website became a pain in the ass for me soon enough, and I just didn't bother to switch to a different way -- actually the right way of doing it.

It first occurred to me that I could actually put my site on github.io and save a few bucks for coffee after visiting some really cool pages hosted on github.io. Too bad I could not recovery those links from my memory :( But the good part is I knew what I wanted and I had just found it!

There is not much to talk about for rest of the story: I simply went through the tutorial of Jekyll and started building my version 5 website, feeling excited!

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